Humidity and Temp Transmitters

Humidity & Temp transmitters are designed for environmental monitoring and controlling in industrial, commercial and other buildings. These transmitters can be used for indoor air temperature and humidity monitoring in various industrial plant, clean room, lab, machine room, commercial buildings, airport, and schools. The modbus interface is documented and integrator friendly. They also have transducer outputs for connecting as analog inputs to all popular control systems.

Product Highlights:

  • High performance digital sensors and circuits, ensure accurate measurement and temperature compensation
  • Good long-term stability and reliability
  • 100% field changeable sensors, no re-calibration needed
  • Fast response
  • Multiple output signals selectable: 4~20mA, 0~5V, or 0-10V
  • Modbus communications port: RTU, 9.6k/19.2k/38.4k/57.6k/115.2kBaud
  • Display in degrees Fahrenheit (oF) or Celsius (oC) (connection to Modbus)

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Humidity & Temp Transmitters

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