PWM Input to Voltage Output Transducer

The PWM-1 is a sample to use device that converts a pulsed signal into a voltage. The device will output a modulated voltage proportional to the pulse duration. Precision of the output voltage is up to one-tenth of a volt.This device can be equipped with a RS-485 serial communication line using Modbus protocol. It has a manual over-ride switch option that allows the voltage output to be adjusted by potentiometers. It is also equipped with a self-programmable chip which allows the unit’s firmware to be updated at any time.

Product Highlights:

• 6 Input channels
• 6 output channels
• Input Selected binary/universal
• Output Selected Manual/OFF/PWM
• Communication RS-485 using Modbus protocol
• Input to Output Signal Isolated
• Input Edge Triggered Activated
• Pulse to Analog Transducer
• Interface to Electric Actuator
• Drive Variable Speed Pump Control
• Drive Variable Frequency Fan Control
• Dial potentiometer for manual override of output

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PWM Transducer Volts





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