10.1 inch Android Tablet

Pipo N10 adopt 10.1 inch ips screen .The text display is clear and fine,the details of the picture are rich, the game screen is vivid.

Product Highlights:

-10.1 inch big screen tablet
-Mirco USB port
-3.5mm Headphone jack
-Mirco SD
-Mini HDMI port

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PIPO N10 adopts the quad-core cortex-a53 processor
MT8163A developed by MTK company.MT8163A is a processor specially developed by MTK for the WiFi table computer market.MT8163A does not fuse the communication baseband, so it is a pure WiFi table.It USES cortexa53 belongs to 64 bit ARMv8 architecture,with the characteristics of high energy efficiency and high intgration.The highest running frequency of MT8163A can reach 1.5ghz,and the running score of antutu can reach about
36,000 points.In the entry-level machine world,performance is the mainstream.With 2GB memory

2M Front Camera,5M Rear Camera

Pipo N10 is with front 2 minllion camera,so you can enjoy video chat, qr code scanning, image shooting,video recording and other functions,

Android7.0+ Support bluetooth4.0 + Micro HDMI + TF Card Extensions

PIPO N10 adopts Android 7.0 system,with MTK processor and standard FHD resolution screen,and the device has excellent software compatibility. With WiFi, it can replace most low-end mobile phone products.It can be used for personal entertainment,restaurant ordering,children’s study,stock market and brush flow, In addition,the N10 also supports bluetooth 4.0 ,Mirco HDMI,and TF card extension to facilitate your use.


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