Fully Programmable Bacnet Boiler Room Controller

Notice: Temporary price increase of ~$20USD due to the global CPU shortage Accept our apologies, we’re not sure how long this will last but it could be a couple months

The CM5 Boiler Room Controller is a fully programmable Bacnet controller for radiant heating and more.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy installation, panel mounts on the wall with no external enclosure required
  • Screwless terminals for low voltage i/o
  • High voltage pumps connect directly no external relays to install & wire
  • Transformer, fuse & termination all in one box
  • Baseplate is passive, all electronics are in the removable lid
  • No messy connections, 94 terminals total
  • 10 pluggable relays for low or line voltage switching
  • 16 universal inputs, 0-5V, 0-10V, thermister software configured.
  • 8 digital inputs(24V AC) or 8 RS485 stats which can be adjusted by jumper
  • 8 thermostats direct connect over RS485, more via subnet or by adding more boiler controllers.
  • Fully programmable, do your own sequence and logic.
  • Open source front end software, free download and no licensing fees
  • Supports Bacnet over ethernet TCP and RS485 MSTP
  • Modbus over IP and RS485 RTU

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This Boiler Room Controller is fully programmable and can manage any arbitrary collection of boilers and pumps in a typical hydronic application. It is well suited to radiant heating of up to eight zones in a simple stand alone application or can be networked into much larger systems. It sets a new benchmark in the price/performance category, bringing full-fledged building automation features to a whole new class of smaller buildings. Access homes & buildings from a PC or over the net to monitor performance, increase comfort all while saving energy. Integrate into Tridium/Niagara and other existing Bacnet systems for full enterprise management.

Add your own programming in the easy to use ‘Control Basic’ language, here’s a couple simple lines which turn on a pump when the outside temp gets cold. Programs read almost like a sequence of operations and can be managed by the building operator without calling in expensive support:



Each controller supports up to 8 thermostats, either over the RS485 network or for legacy mechnaical stats, using a dry contact 24vac input. Each controller also supports up to 16 universal input sensors such as 10k thermistors, (Type 2 and 3) , dry contacts, analog signals and 4-20ma transducers.  The CM5 supports BOTH the Modbus and Bacnet protocols on BOTH the RS485 twisted pair and the Ethernet LAN port.


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System Structure:


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