Modulating Valve – Modulating Valve

Actuator, 24VAC or DC / 1VA,8 n-m, Three Wire Floating Control On/Off Type, Non-Spring Return, 110 seconds.

The Modulating Valve is base on our product DM-8-MOD.We add bracket and  Valve body ,so the actuator can be mounted on the ball valve in any of four 90°positions.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy to install
  • Low sound power level
  • Leakage rate: tight sealing
  • Various Signals Control
  • High Dependable Performance
  • Long life cycles

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Modulating ValveInstallation:

SBV valve bodies are widely used to control water flow in central air-conditioning, heating system. Controlled by standard floating signal or 3-point signal from angle rotation actuators, the valve ball can be rotated to different angle. There two flow control type: SBV01 full port ball valve body and SBV02 characterized ball valve body. The valves are 3-piece structure, and have six sizes: DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40 and DN50. The ball sealing inside the valve is made of PTFE material of high lubricating and wear ability. It makes the valve has high closing-off pressure and great hermetization. The valves can be matched with SBA01,SBA
-03 and SBA04 series actuators.
  The  Actuator which we use is intended for ON-OFF and floating point controls in HVAC systems. It can easily mount on an 1/2″ round or square shaft with solid screw sets. Angle of rotation is mechanically limited to 90 degree. When the actuator reaches its maximum position, the device will automatically stop. An override lever is provided on the side to manually disengage the gear. Two mechanical stops are provided for extra adjustments. The magnetic clutch allows the device to be operated in the stalled condition indefinitely, no need to interlock the motor at the end of travel. Running time is independent of the load. Two optional end switches provide status points or interlocks for fans & other devices.

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