OR 485 Isolated Converter/Repeater

The OR-485 is an externally powered isolated converter/repeater with diagnostic LEDs.There are two input ports which can be designated, via jumper, as either RS232( for connection to a PC as a converter), or RS485 (for bus repeater mode). The  isolated, half-duplex RS485 output port has two separate connectors to make dividing the network simple for troubleshooting.  The diagnostic LEDs show common wiring mistakes such as short or open circuits. All protocols (Bacnet, Modbus, generic RS485 protocols, etc.) are supported.  Some of the diagnostics, such as “bad CRC” and “Modbus” error reporting, however, are available only with Modbus at 19.2k or 9600 baud.

Product Highlights:

  • RS485 Diagnostic LEDs
  • Errors can be Read Back Over Modbus
  • Supports Any Protocol, Hardware Based repeater
  • Isolated Power Supply and RS485 Bus
  • Supports All Connectors
  • In-Circuit Serial Programming (Source Code Available)

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