Power Meter

The PM-3P Power Meter is to measure any range of AC/DC voltage or current set by user. It can be available for data reserve or top value reserve function. To measure or display true value of voltage/ampere/watt/power factor/frequency/energy consumption.Up to 3 alarm output.

Product Highlights:

  • Voltage/ampere ratio set freely,input isolation among phases,single/three phase three-wire three- factors,three-phase three wire two factors, three phase four-wire selectable;
  • RS485 interface,MODBUS RTU protocol,connect directly to various equipment,computer and PLC;
  • Widely used in automatical control of power system,factory power distribution,building automation,eg.,single/three phase,voltage/current/power,three phase voltage/ampere integrated display control or up to 6 lines voltage/ampere display control;and power factor compensation control.

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Power Meter

3 phase Power Meter:Power supply:90-260V AC/DC 50/60Hz others:18-30V C/DC indicate when ordering Voltage:0-600V Current:0-5A or 0-10A


Works with:Current Transformer

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