Solid State Relay

The SSR Solid State Relay brings solid state reliability and trouble free switching to HVAC installations. CSA approved.A handy LED on the low voltage sideshows at a glance what is going on at the DDC controller.The high voltage side features photo- isolation to 4000V, and a built-in snubber. Each unit is tested under full load condition bef ore delivery.

Product Highlights:

  • Status LED on the low voltage side
  • 4,000 V Optical Isolation Input to Output
  • Slotted alignment holes make it easy to neatly line up relays.
  • Plastic shield on each screw terminal saves
  • screwdrivers from “arc welding syndrome”
  • Rated to 10 Amps when used with the appropriate heat sink.(1DegC/Watt)
  •  Input/output-base 2,500V isolation
  • 100% tested at rated current,
  • CE compliant
  • Thyristor Phase Control Output, adjustable wide range
  •  Internal Varistor (MOV) and RC Snubber with dual surge
     absortion protection
  • Safety Cover, Panel Mount

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SSR Series Solid State Relay


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