AirLab, the all-in-one indoor air quality laboratory

These air lab & PM2.5 particle sensor can be used for indoor air temperature and humidity monitoring in various industrial plant, clean room, lab, machine room, commercial buildings, airport, and schools. The modbus interface is documented and integrator friendly. They also have transducer outputs for connecting as analog inputs to all popular control systems. BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU protocols over RS485,with an ethernet port.


  • Accurate : Laser scatter method, particles are sized with a resolution of 0.3 μm.
  •  User defined sampling period prolongs sensor life.
  • Fast Response : response time less than 10 seconds.
  •  Real-time display monitoring data on LCD .
  •  Supports ModBus TCP/IP & BACnet IP protocol over WIFI.
  •  Supports ModBus RTU & BACnet MSTP protocol over RS485
  • TVOC sensor can detect Glycerin (Vaping smoke).


$88.00 - $148.00

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The “Air Lab” all-in-one sensor is a total solution for measuring the indoor air  quality and environment. The sensor is used widely in schools, hospitals and office buildings for demand ventilation and general air quality measurement.

The main star of the “Air Lab” sensor is the dust sensor which can measure both the number of air particles and their density in several bin sizes. Supporting sensors include a C02 sensor, temperature, humidity, occupancy sensor, and TVOC sensor….  pretty much all the parameters you could ask for. The AirLab gives you confidence your occupants are both comfortable and breathing safe clean air.

The sensor integrates well with existing building automation systems or can operate stand alone as a general air quality monitor. Wireless communications over Wifi is supported using Bacnet IP or Modbus TCP protocols. The sensor also supports wired communications over RS485 twisted pair using BACnet MSTP or Modbus RTU protocols.

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