Clip On Temperature Sensor

The sensor is housed in a copper tube with a slightly curved surface to make intimate thermal contact with the pipe. Temperature changes in the pipe fluid are conducted very quickly through the sensor housing to the element inside. The copper pipe strap fits makes for quick installation on either 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch pipes.
The 3 meter long cable is 24 AWG stranded copper wire with a UL2651 rating and is registered under UL file number UL42323. The thermistor is a 10K type 2 temperature curve compatible with most DDC systems on the market


• 10k thermistor with type 2 temperature curve, compatible with major control systems.
• Fast thermal response design, 90% response of step change in under 5 seconds
• Accurancy of  ±0.2C over the range of 0-70℃
• Interchangeable, calibration not required for most applications
• Excellent long-term stability
• Operating range up to +150℃
• UL2651 cable with UL file number UL42323


$3.85 - $4.00

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Fits 3/4inch 19mm diameter pipe size

Fits 1/2inch 12mm diameter pipe size







重量 N / A
Pipe Size

1/2‘’(12mm), 1/4in (6.5mm), 3/4‘’(19mm), 3/8''(9.5mm)

Temperature Element

10k Type2, 10k Type3, 1k Pt