High temperature over molded floor heating sensor

High temperature over molded floor heating sensor,4.5m cable length,6.0mm diameter pipe,10k Type2 thermistor.


  • Cable Temperature range: -50℃∽+105℃
  • Waterproof rated to IP68
  • Custom versions available in other sensor types



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零件号: OMS-4.5-7 类别:



The over molded temperature sensor is typically used for in floor heating systems but is useful for many hot water heating applications. The sensor element is a 10K type2 thermistor sensor with 4.5m cable length rated to 105C. The overmolded design means this sensor can withstand a wet environment for extended periods which makes it suitable for agricultural projects as well.The cable is tough and flexible so its easy to lay flat under flooring or strapped to the heating pipework.



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