• Maximum Transmission Distance: Internodes Barrier Free: 200 meters( 658feet)
  • Wireless Frequency:2.4G ISM License-free Frequency Band
  • Channel Mode:16 Channels Can Be Specified or the Best Channel Can Be Automatically Selected
  • Antenna Configuration: Built-in 2.4G Ceramics Antenna
  • Network Structure: Star Topology Network, Cluster Tree Network, Chain Network , Mesh Network
  • Network ID:255 Network ID Can Be Specified
  • Node Type:Center Node, Routing Node, Terminal Node, or Software Set



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ZigBee Module

Temco has developed a embedded antenna of wireless data communication Zigbee module, which adopts standard ZigBee wireless technology. This module is in line with the Industry Standard applications of wireless data communication module.
This device can achieve transparent data transmission between many devices, and it can form a MESH network. This module has the characteristics of small volume, ultra-low power consumption and low-cost. It can be either as an independent data transmission termination or be easily embedded into a variety of products to form a short-range wireless data transmission solution.


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