Duct Averaging Temperature Sensors

Temperature is detected by a range of thermistors. The
special mechanical construction the sensor is able to detect
temperature throughout its entire length.


• Lengths of 12ft (3.5m),24ft (7m),39ft(12m)
• Five-year warranty
• Cable Property FT4, 105°C, 300V standard or 200°C, 300V high temperature on request.
• Cable Material PVC standard or High temperature silicon available on request.


$37.00 - $61.00

零件号: DTSAVG-12-7 类别:



Duct averaging temperature sensors are designed specifically for HVAC system temperature control. The averaging sensors come in thermistor compatible with most BAS systems available today.Averaging sensors come with a foambacked handy box and   in12ft(3.5m),24ft(7m),39ft(12m) lengths. Duct averaging temperature sensor should be mounted across a duct in a serpentine fashion with bends in a smooth ark using clip.

Part Number Scheme

Wiring Arrangement


重量 0.45 公斤
Temperature Curve

10K Type 2

Wire Length

12ft(3.5m), 24ft(7m), 39ft(12m)