Duct Averaging Temperature Sensor

The sensor measures temperature in stratified air such as the mixing sections of air handlers. The sensor has a standard 10k type 2 temperature-resistance curve compatible with all major control systems.

Product Highlights:

      • Specifically designed for mixed air sensing
    •   Nine separate sensors are averaged to provide accurate mixed air   temperature readings
        Three standard lengths up to 39ft(12m)
      • Overmolded design prevents water ingress, five-year warranty
      • UL listed FT4 cable rated to 105°C, 300V isolation
      • Easy mounting in the ductwork with the included clips
    •  PVC coatingis is durable yet flexible for easy routing.

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$39.00 - $63.00

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This duct averaging temperature sensor is designed specifically to measure air in stratified air such as the mixing section of an air handler. The air in a typical mixing section varies by position according to inlet temperatures and damper position. A standard single point probe will not provide any sort of useful information. This averaging probe solves that problem by averaging the temperature over nine separate points evenly distributed in the mixing section.

The duct averaging temperature sensor uses nine separate thermistors wired in a series parallel arrangement. The resulting temperature / resistance curve is the same as a standard single thermistor. Our usual stocking temperature curve is the 10k type2 which is compatible with all the major systems.

Averaging sensors come with a foam backed handy box and  three different length probes from 12ft on up to 39 ft in length (3.5m to 12m lengths),  Duct averaging temperature sensors should be mounted across the duct in a serpentine fashion with bends in a smooth arc using the included clips.

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Wiring Arrangement

Further BackGround:

In mixed air sections within an air handler the air is stratified making it a challenge to accurately measure the temperature. This stratification changes with the damper position and supply/return temperatures so a simple single point sensor cannot be trusted. Any sort of sequence based on mixed air temperature will benefit from an averaging type sensor. This sensor uses several single probes wired in the series/parallel configuration shown above. The sensor responds like a standard 10k type 2 thermistor curve compatible with all major control systems.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Temperature Curve

10K Type 2

Wire Length

12ft(3.5m), 24ft(7m), 39ft(12m)