Plastic Switch Box

The Switch BOX series sealed box is widely used in industries such as machinery and machine tool, electric equipment, power, communication, automation, etc., as well as in marine, metallurgy, chemical, aerospace, rail transportation, sewage treatment, architecture and so on. Depending on the requirements, it can be used as sealed box, instrument case, field control cabinet, or illumination box. It also can be used as terminal box or button box.


  • Protection level IP65
  • Cert:CCC,CE,TUV,RoHS
  • Flame retardant: V0
  • Material: ABS &
  • External Size:80x110x70mm
  • Fit Round Switch Head Diameter:22mm
  • Screw thread Diameter:5mm
  • Color:white
  • One or two holes


$7.50 - $8.25

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Plastic Switch Box

Work with:瞬间按钮



重量 0.77 kg
Plastic Switch Box

One hole,waterproof Plastic Switch Box, Two holes,waterproof Plastic Switch Box