Momentary Push Button

HPB5 series are suitable to industrial control circuit with AC 50Hz or 60HZ, 0~380V rated voltage and 0~220V D C operating voltage,used for the control of magnetic starter, contactor, relay and other electric circuit.

Product Highlights:

  • Using high quality inflaming retarding materials.
  • Separated independently, excellent insulating performance and antivibration.
  • Meets standards of IEC60947-5-1,GB14048.5 etc.

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Momentary Push button

The product has two types: normal type and economical type,containing pilot lamp, push buttons, illuminated pushbuttons, mushroom push button, emergency pushbuttons, selector switches, key-lock switches, mushroom key-lock switches, double head switchs, The installation hole isΦ22mm . It used in wide area.

The switch unit is slow-breal and self -cleaning. It uses modular combination mode and you can combine fromone to eight switch units optional, so can make the product meet there quirement of many special control circuits.It can be connected more safely and installed firmly. Economical plastic type can be used in acid environment.

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Works with: Switch Box

Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Button type

HPB5-11/G/IP65, HPB5-11X/21/IP65, HPB5-11Z/G/IP65