Water Meter

FM15-25 Series Rotatory Wing Dry Transmitting Water Flow Meters are used for measuring the volume of cold/hot potable water passing through the pipeline and remotely transmitting the signal of the water volume to remote monitoring equipment


  • Rotary-Vane Dry-Dial Type
  •  Iron Body
  • Magnetic Drive
  • Local Dials Provide Confirmation of Remote Indicators
  • Maintenance Free
  • Pulse Signal for Monitoring by Centralized System
  • Available in 10L and 100L per pulse


$32.00 - $38.00

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Water Meter

Water Flow Meter, pulse output, available in metric DN15mm/DN20mm/DN25mm thread, and NPT1/2inch, NPT3/4inch & 1 inch thread.


重量 2.20 kg