Air Flow Switch

Air Flow Switch, SPDT 8A@250VAC.The duct air flow switches is a kind of heating,cooling and air conditioning equipment,which is used to control and monitor air,non aggressive gases flow in ducts, chambers, etc.


  • SPDT switch makes & breaks on air flow
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel paddle
  • Adjustable air flow trip point
  • IP65 housing
  • 15(8A) 250VAC switch rating
  • Max.liquid temp 120°C
  • Max working pressure 13.5Bar



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Air Flow Switch

The duct air flow switch provides feedback of air flow in HVAC duct work. It can be connected directly to the control system as a feedback point or can be directly interlocked to prevent operation of heating and cooling equipment when there is no air flow. Stainless steel paddle resists corrosion. Adjustable spring tension screw allows setting the air flow trip point. The paddle can be trimmed down for higher flow applications. The cable enters through the water tight gland, or the gland can be removed and replaced with an EMT or flex connector for wiring with EMT or metal flex.

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