Bacnet and modbus I/O modules

The T3 general purpose modules add input/output expansion space for building automation systems. Integrators regularly tell us they are winning more projects because of the excellent price point and features of these devices. Works well with Seimens, Reliable, Delta, KMD, Tridium, etc.T3-22i and T3-8o support both Bacnet and Modbus over both RS485 and the ethernet ports. All settings are available as Bacnet objects and Modbus registers.

Product Highlights:

  • Surge-protected Universal Inputs with 12-bit resolution
  • UL listed ABS enclosure with rubberized texture creates a high end feel
  • UL listed relays, terminal blocks and PCBs
  • Ethernet Protocols: Bacnet IP and Modbut IP
  • RS485 protocols: Bacnet over MSTP and Modbus RTU
  • Software configure the I/O ranges with the free T3000 software or by writing to the registers with your own software
  • Each output has a hand-off-auto switch for easy overrides
  • Plenty of LEDs show the status of each i/o and all communications ports
  • DIN rail mount or use the screw tabs for direct mounting onto a back panel
  • Each I/O as well as the RS485 connections a separate screw terminal
  • Source code for the modules is available with your first purchase
  • The RS485 port has separate upstream and a downstream connectors to make troubleshooting easier
  • T3000 front end is license free and open source

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Bacnet / Modbus Modules


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Note:These are not routers, for general routing applications see the T3-BB controllers

Work with: Terminal shorting bar

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