Clamp Current Transformer

The Current sensor,output 0-330mv,Current Frequency 45Hz-65Hz

Product Highlights:

  • Output 0-330mv
  • Current Frequency 45Hz-65Hz (measured current frequency)
  • Working Environment -20℃~50℃; below 80%rh
  • Storage Environment -10℃~60℃; below 70%rh

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The current sensor is used for measurement of AC current,leakage current,
high order harmonic current,phase,power energy,power,power factor.It is portable,sharpnose,no need to disconnect the measured circuits,non-contact,safe and fast.Suitable for narrow and line densely places,can be connected with phase detection analyzer,industrial control equipment,data recorder,oscilloscope,harmonic analyzer,electric power quality analyzer, high precision digital multimeter,etc.Widely applied in electricity,Communication,meteorology,railway,oilfield,construction,measurement,scienti-fic and research teaching unit,industrial and miniding enterprises.


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