Clip On Temperature Sensor

We  have designed this clip-on temperature sensor for use with refrigerant lines and copper tubing in hydronics applications. The sensor installs easily without drilling and reacts to temperature changes in seconds. Industry standard sensor elements are compatible with all major controls systems.

Product Highlights:

  • Clip-on temperature sensor for refrigerants and hydronics
  • 10k thermistor with type 2, type 3 temperature curve, 1k Pt
  •  Fast thermal response design, 90% response of step change in under 5 seconds
  • Accurancy of  ±0.2C over the range of 0-70℃
  • Interchangeable, calibration not required for most applications
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Operating range up to +105℃
  • UL2651 cable with UL file number UL42323 (105 Deg C)

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This clip-on temperature sensor is perfect for refrigerants and hydronics fluids. The sensor probe clips onto existing pipe work without drilling. The sensor element is housed in a copper tube with a slightly curved surface to make intimate thermal contact with the pipe. The sensor reacts to changes in the fluid temperature quickly, on the order of 5 seconds for copper pipe.

The stainless spring clip makes for quick installation on either 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch pipes. The sensor cable is 3 meters long and consists of 24 AWG stranded copper wire. The high temperature rated rubber coating  is durable but also flexible for easy handling and routing. The cable is rated to  UL2651 (105 DegC) and the listing can be found in the online UL registry under file number UL42323.

Typically, our stock consists of 10k type 3 sensors, 10k type 2 sensors, and 1k Pt sensors. If you require different sensor curves, please contact us though we will ask for an MOQ of 100 pcs or so. 



Fits 3/4inch 19mm diameter pipe size

Fits 1/2inch 12mm diameter pipe size




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Additional information

Weight N/A
Pipe Size

1/2‘’(12mm), 1/4in (6.5mm), 3/4‘’(19mm), 3/8''(9.5mm)

Temperature Element

10k Type2, 10k Type3, 1k Pt