High temperature probe for Floor Heating & Solar applications

This temperature probe is suitable for a variety or high temperature applications such as floor heating, solar heating systems and domestic hot water heaters to name a few. The sensor element is housed in a stainless steel probe which is 6mm diameter x 50mm [2in] long. The cable is 4.5 meter long and is a high temperature material that is tough and highly durable.The probe is available with custom thermistors  and Pt elements, nearly all the popular ranges are available with very small minimum order quantity.

Product Highlights:

  • 10K type 2 Accuracy: +-0.2C
  • Many curves available, same price
  • Temperature sensor Range: -40~125℃
  • The operating temperature range of the wire is:-40~80℃
  • Highly durable cable, 4.5 meters long
  • UL listed cable, UL file NO.E352430
  • 2 Conductors,20 gauge
  • Rated to 105°C /221°F continuous 120°C/248°F intermittent
  • Stranded copper conductor clad with PVC

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Additional information

Weight 0.16 kg
Temperature Type

Floor Heating / Solar heating temperature probe

Probe Length

20mm, 50mm

Temperature Curve

10K Type 2, 10K Type 3, 1K PT