Humidity Sensor Module

Humidity Sensor Modules are designed for monitoring the temperature and humidity in commercial buildings, agricultural applications and light industrial processes. The calibration data is stored in the module itself making it possible to field swap the sensor module without re-calibrating. The pluggable threaded fitting means sensors can be swapped out without disconnecting wires or fittings, simply unscrew the fitting and screw in a replacement sensor.

Product Highlights:

  • High accuracy, low drift.
  • Rugged construction, suitable for agricultural applications and outdoors with shield.
  • Temperature compensated humidity reading
  • Current consumption: normal state: 3mA; heating state: 100mA
  • Plug-in module, fully interchangeable
  • I²C interface easy to integrate into your application with two gpio.
  • RoHS conformance

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Humidity Sensor Module

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There are accessories as the extension pipe, stainless steel sintered filter, pluggable connector, high temperature silicon cable, and so on which can be customized for OEM applications.

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Additional information

Weight 0.33 kg
Probe Length

177mm, 66 mm, 87 mm, Module only, PCB only

Probe type

Humidity Sensor Module, outdoor rated 2 meter cable with gland, pluggable replacement module, short 5 pin pluggable header