Occupancy Light Switch

The RZ021-10A-G(No Neutral Required) is an US style 5A wall mounted occupancy sensor switch which uses advanced passive infrared sensor(PIR) and MCU control.

Product Highlights:

  • 3 in 1 Occupancy&Vacancy&On-Off sensor switch adjustable.
  • Use fireproof material, high security.
  • Built-in magnetic latching relay, compared to traditional relay, better performance.
  • Digital scale on time delay, 15seconds, 1mins, 3mins, 5mins, 15mins, 30mins(6 time delay modes adjustable).
  • Surface buttons to change the function mode directly, free removal.
  • Accept function customize, like delay time, light sensor value as you request
  • UL listed, suitable for American market.

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The RZ021 series occupancy sensor switch can automatically turn lights or fans on and off by detecting heat emitted by the motion, it’s designed to replace a standard light or fan switch.The products use advanced passive infrared sensor(PIR) and MCU control technology which offers better stability than the traditional motion sensor, it’s easy and accurate to adjust the Time Delay,Detection Range, Light sensor value, and operating mode (Occupancy / Vacancy / On-Off )

Wiring Diagram:


Wall Mount:



Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Primary current

5A, 10A