Retrofit Valve Actuator

Actuator, 1000N torque, 24VAC only, with self-stroke adjustment, with 0(2)~10Vdc or 0(4)~20mA DC input control signal and 0~10Vdc feedback signal,with manual operator

Product Highlights:

• Low AC voltage synchronic reversible motor.
• Hall switch sensor
• Self-adjusting function, automatic record stroke data
• Working state (DA or RA) can be selected by jumper.
• 0(2)~10V DC or (0)4~20mA DC input signal control, proportional control
• 0~10V DC feedback signal.
• Valve plug position indicator
• Fire-resistant ABS plastic casing.
• Conveniently mounting.
• Is a direct replacement part for Honeywell ML7984A4009

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VA-35(6)00 series intelligent actuator is electromechanical product.
Matched with VB-3000Q series valve body, it is used to control flow
rate in HVAC system

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