T3 Series Modbus I/O Modules(End of Life)

The T3 Series Modules are general purpose input/output modules for building integrators. Available in several input/output configurations, the T3 Series Module provides convenient termination for field devices and interfacing to HVAC, lighting, temperature sensors, and other typical building automation applications. Each of the Universal inputs can be configured, via jumper, for either 0-5V or 0-20mA signals. The outputs are available in dry contacts 1amp/output, 0-10V analog, and PNP sinking. The modules are slave devices that can be easily controlled via the RS485 serial interface using the industry standard Modbus RTU Protocol.

Product Highlights:

  • Surge-protected Universal Inputs with 10-bit resolution
  • Hand-off-auto switches for manual override during commissioning and emergencies
  • Plenty of LEDs show the status of all i/o and communications ports
  • Standard Modbus RTU protocol allows for up to 254 unique devices on one RS485 network
  • Open source firmware if you want to customize and experiment

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 T3 Series Modbus I/O Modules






If you are interested in adding features to the T3-Modules the source code is on github: https://github.com/temcocontrols/T3-Modules

Use the code to jump start your embedded control applications, there are no fees or royalties. The header files in this source also includes an enumerated list of all registers useful for adding register support for the various features in your own master controllers and PC front ends.

T3 Model Universal Inputs AO DO Pulse Counter
T3-8AI8AO 8 8 0
T3-32I 32 0
T3-8I13O 8 13 Relay 120VAC, 2A <100Hz
T3-4AO 10 4 8 Relay 120VAC, 2A <500Hz
T3-6CT 10 Universal Inputs, 6 AC Current Inputs (6CTs),
5 Relay Outputs
T3-PT10 10 x PT100 inputs, 2-3-4 wire

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