Temperature and Humidity Transducer With Bacnet and Modbus

Temperature and Humidity Trasnsmitter with Bacnet/Modbus over RS485,0-10v 4-20ma output signals. Sensor is overmolded into a pluggable, waterproof connector

Product Highlights:

  • Perfect for monitoring in buildings and agricultural applications.
  • The Sensor is overmolded into a pluggable waterproof connector
  • Easy to swap sensors for calibration or repairs.
  • Highly resistant to water from spray and rain.
  • Psychometric parameters such as dew point and enthalpy available over the RS485 port.

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$21.00 - $45.00

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This temperature and humidity sensor is suitable for commercial building automation systems, airports, subway stations, hotels, museums and agricultural applications.  The sensor element is directly embedded into a waterproof connector which plugs into a mating connector on the end of the cable. Swapping out the sensor for calibration and commissioning easy and without tools.

The sensor has an RS485 port and can be configured for both Modbus and Bacnet protocols. There are two transducer outputs for sending the sensor signal over 0-10V or 4-20ma signals.

used in HVAC, electrical plant,environment monitoring,dynamic environment monitoring, agricultural environmental monitoring, meteorological environmental monitoring,environmental monitoring of biological pharmacy, airport,subway stations, hotel,museum,stadium, etc.


Wiring Diagram:

*12VDC works well for Modbus only systems. The 15VDC is required when you need the 10V analog outputs

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

With AO, Without AO

Mount type

2 meter cable, Outdoor Mount, duct mount, wall mount