Temperature and Humidity Transducer with Bacnet and Modbus RS485

Product Highlights:

-High precision sensor accurate to 2% humidity over the entire temperature range.
-Duct mount style is suitable for typical HVAC and agricultural applications
-Field selectable span for the temperature range
-100% field changeable Temp/Hum module, no tools or calibration needed.
-BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU protocols over RS485.
-Enthalpy and dew point are available over the RS485 link

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Duct temperature and humidity sensor / transmitter well suited to all types of  building automation and environmental monitoring applications. The transducer can inteface to the automation system either with an analog signals or digitally over the RS485 network using either Bacnet or Modbus RTU protocols.When communicating over RS485 the enthalpy and dew point are available as either Bacnet AV’s or Modbus registers. Use our free T3000 software application to configure the baud rate, network ID for modbus, or the Bacnet instance number.


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Weight 0.3 kg