Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 4 channels, 2 analog channels, 2 digital channels.

This unit is a 5-trace 4-channel digital oscilloscope for common electronic engineering tasks. Its CPU is based on ARM Cortex M3, adopting FPGA to manage the control & data buffering of ADC. A built-in 2MB USB disk enables users to store waveforms & upgrade firmware. It also provides 4 application areas, convenient for users to load & upgrade at most 4 kinds of application firmware.

Product Highlights:

  • RS485 Diagnostic LEDs
  • 2 analog channels: (CH_A, CH_B), 2 digital channels (CH_C, CH_D)
  • Sampling rate of any analog channel can reach 72 MS/s
  • Record length of any channel can reach 4096 bits

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Product Description

Fuction Draphic:

Use Digital Storage Oscilloscope to test RS485 signal, following the figure:



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