Boiler stack temperature sensor and thermowell, 1k Pt

The Boiler stack temperature sensor and thermowell are designed to monitor the temperature of boiler stacks, steam lines and other applications where the temperature is above the operating range of typical HVAC thermistor type sensors. Maximum operating temperature of 300 Deg C (570 DegF).

Product Highlights:

  • All stainless steel probe, spun metal with no weld
  • High temperature span,-200 °C ~300 °C;
  • Fast response time;
  • Long-Term Stability
  • Industrial duty SS flanged thermowell.
  • Probe is removable while in service.

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$28.00 - $31.00

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The 1k Pt Platinum thermistor sensor is embedded in a 6mm stainless steel probe and stainless steel thermowell for mounting on boiler stacks. The sensor can be direct wired into any controller which accepts 1k Pt sensor signals or use the optional RTD2 Transmitter to convert the signal into a 4-20ma signal.


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BTS-MO-12, BTS-12, RTD2