Differential Air Pressure Switch

PSN40-400A differential pressure switch is used for fan status and dirty filter applications. A knob with pressure values on it allows the setpoint to be adjusted visually in the field. The plastic duct probe tubes, flexible silicon tubing and the mounting screws are included with all models.

Product Highlights:

  • On/off dry max contact rating, 250V, 0.4 amps.
  • Easy to adjust the set point using the scaled adjustment knob.
  • Dial includes both ‘in WC’ markings as well as Metric marks in Pascals.
  • Silicon tubing will not become brittle over time and at low temperatures.
  • Comes with everything you need: switch, pipes & tubes, screws.

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Differential Air Pressure Switch


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Weight 0.10 kg
Press Range

20-200Pa, 30-300Pa, 40-400Pa