Pitot Tube

The Pitot Tube is a differential pressure producer suitable for air flow measurement.It includes multiple sensing points to measure total and static pressures. It is easy to install and cost effective.  It offers simple, low cost installation into pipes and ducts, and high energy savings due to its low unrecovered pressure loss. There are no moving parts or sharp edges to wear, so long term accuracy can be maintained.  It contains a lid,connector and two 1 meter length pipes.All Extrusion pipe could be cut on site with a hacksaw,no need a special tool.For example:Buy a 12″ long pipe,and cut to 8″,buy 1m long pipe and cut to the length needed.

Product Highlights:

  • Air Flow Measurement
  • Low Installation Costs
  • Long Term Accuracy
  • Minimal Unrecovered Pressure Loss
  • Mass Flow Measurement 

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Pitot Tube

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