Tstat 4 Series Thermostat

Tstat4 Series are manufactured perfectly. They are widely used in commercial, industrial and residential buildings, and suitable for room temperature control of heating, cooling or year-round air-conditioning system, especially for fan coil, electrical heater, etc. The thermostat is highly sensitive, easy-installation and reliable. They also have digital liquid crystal display (LCD) thermometer, which can measure the ambient temperature accurately, and use more conveniently.

Product Highlights:

  • Highly sensitive
  • Easy-installation and reliable
  • Digital liquid crystal display (LCD)

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Tstat 4 Series

Line/low voltage thermostat with temperature display, surface mount

  • TypeA: Heat/Cool, 2 pipe
  • TypeB: Cooling only
  • TypeC: Heat/Cool, 4 pipe
  • Your logo and customized label available for a one-time fee of $50


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