Outdoor Air Lab

Outdoor Air Lab Sensor with humidity,temperature,CO2,TVOC,WIFI and light level sensors helps with free cooling strategies and other energy saving routines.The sensor communicates over both Ethernet and RS485, using BOTH Bacnetand Modbus protocols so there are many ways to integrate into the system.The modbus interface is documented and integrator friendly. They also have transducer outputs for connecting as analog inputs to all popular control systems.

Product Highlights:

• Sensor has a long life fan rated for > 10 years maintenance free.
• Fast Response : response time less than 10 seconds.
• Supports ModBus TCP/IP & BACnet IP protocol over WIFI.
• Supports ModBus RTU & BACnet MSTP protocol over RS485
• TVOC sensor can detect Glycerin (Vape smoke).
• The SPS30 dust sensor in the AirLab is MCERTS certified to DIN EN 15267 air quality standard.

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