PM2.5/10 Particle Counter

The PM2.5/10 Particle Counter is designed for environmental monitoring in industrial, commercial and institutional buildings,which provides accurate readings of particle counts in five important sizes, 0.5μm,1.0μm,2.5μm,4μm and 10μm.

Product Highlights:

  • Accurate : Laser scatter method, particles are sized with a resolution of 0.3 μm
  • User defined sampling period prolongs sensor life
  • Service life up 8 years at 100% duty cycle, default setting is 16 years at 50% duty cycle
  • Fast Response : response time less than 10 seconds
  • LCD display with backlight for keypad setup and troubleshooting
  • High resolution: Particle diameter resolution of 2.5 μm
  • Supports Modbus protocol over Ethernet,Supports Bacnet protocol over Ethernet
  • Supports Bacnet MSTP protocol over RS485,Supports Modbus RTU protocol over RS485

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The sensor uses the laser light scattering method which is not subject to drift or sensor contamination. A field volume of air is pumped through the sensor and suspended particulate matter in a given unit volume of air is totalized into two bins, one for particles of 2.5μm and another for larger 10 micron sizes. The results are reported in μg/m³ of air with all data available over the RS485 port for integration into large systems.It Supports multiple protocols over both RS485 and Ethernet:Modbus over Ethernet,Bacnet over Ethernet,Bacnet MSTP over RS485 and Modbus RTU over RS485.

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