Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor, Overmolded

The temperature sensor is designed to measure outdoor air temperature in typical HVAC applications. Mounting is quick and easy using two screws and no electrical box. The thermistor is a well sealed stainless steel probe which is then inserted into a hard rubber PVC radiation shield. The cable is two meters long which allows terminating inside the building in an electrical enclosure or with flying leads. The cable can exit directly behind the probe and into the building through a hole, or it can exit vertically and run down the wall. A foam backing seals the hole in the wall if there is one and also serves to thermally insulate the probe from the wall. The probe is filled with thermal grease for quick response.

Product Highlights:

  • General purpose outdoor temperature sensor
  • Easy installation – two screws secure the sensor to the wall or an electrical box
  • Fully potted stainless steel probe protects sensing element and provides fast, accurate temperature sensing
  • Cost efficient design
  • Sturdy construction – housing is made from a PVC + rubber blend which resists shock even in cold weather
  • UV inhibitors resist degradation of the plastic even after many years in direct sunlight
  • Operating temperature Range: -40°C to 60°C

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Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor


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10K Type 2, 10K Type 3, 1K PT, 3K