Product Highlights:

  • Sturdy construction, consistently gets good comments from our clients.
  • UL listed ABS enclosure with rubberized texture creates a high end feel
  • Connect over Ethernet,RS485
  • Supports Modbus and Bacnet protocols simultaneously.
  • Starter space source code is avaliable
  • T3000 front end is free and open source: http://tinyurl.com/n7kkqp6
  • Compiled version of the front end is here: https://tinyurl.com/y7uyu9n3

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T3-Nano controller is a multi-user.It can stand DDC panel alone or in a multiple network system
with full communication capabilities.The multiple communication ports allow the controller to operate on a network or host sub networks and to commnuicate with local and remote operators
simultaneously.Setup and programming are done on a PC not necessary to connect to live hardware as it is the case with many systems.when the program is ready for on-site testing, connect it to a live panel and download the T3000 software. Programming can be done remotely over the network and modem connections as well. The network system is very fiexible and economical for the installation.



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