T3 Series Programmable Bacnet & Modbus Controller

The T3 series Bacnet programmable controller is a low cost performer with big system features. There are three versions with various I/O configurations and can be expanded with external i/o modules to form a complete building automation solution.

Product Highlights:

  • Full featured building automation system without the big system cost.
  • Graphics, floorplans, trend logs, alarms and advanced programming features, this is a mature and complete building automation solution.
  • No licenses or recurring cloud fees, free updates.
  • Lowest price per I/O point on the market
  • Five year warranty, repairs are free for as long as you care to maintain the system.
  • Use the free T3000 software to program and configure as well as maintain the system later on.
  • Universal I/O can be configured for nearly any sensor, no jumper settings required.
  • User friendly for field technicians with pluggable connectors, many status LEDs, hand-off-auto switches
  • Connect over Ethernet, Wifi, RS485, Zigbee and USB.
  • Supports Modbus RTU / IP and Bacnet MSTP / IP protocols on all ports.
  • UL listed parts are used throughout: ABS enclosure, connectors, relays, PCB, fuses and transorbs.

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T3 Series Bacnet & Modbus Programmable controller


These devices support routing over Ethernet, Wifi and RS485 over both the Modbus and Bacnet protocols. There is no limit to the number of points which can be routed through them. The common objects will pass through transparently, we may have to add some features for you if your use case use more complex routing, send us an email to discuss.

Using these controllers, the building operator can manage typical HVAC systems including chillers, boilers, VAVs, air handlers from an intuitive graphical front. All systems are shown on screen with graphical floorplans and system diagrams. The software is free so there are no licences or monthly cloud service fees. Systems can be built up from a single controller all the way up to campus type environments with multiple buildings and thousands of devices. All communications takes place using industry standard bacnet and modbus protocols, together with an open source front end this system can be considered the most open system of its kind.Each controller has Ethernet and RS485 ports and supports both modbus and bacnet protocols on any of these ports. The devices also work as general gateway/routers, the data on one network can be transparently routed from one protocol to another over any port
        *Zigbee module.

Setup and programming are done on a PC, all settings, i/o configuration, programming, floorplans and alarms are set up in the T3000 front-end software. Once the programming is done,you can save the program for backup or load it into another controller. It’s very easy to edit the logic since the T3000 software serves not only as the front-end for the building operator but also as the back-end for the controls technicians, no special programming and configuring tools are required other than the free T3000.exe itself.


Part Number Scheme:

Here are some accessories for the T3 series controllers.

  1. A wifi extension cable to extend the length of the wifi antennae https://temcocontrols.com/shop/wifi-extension-cable/
  2. A relay module which converts an analog output to a relay output.AO2DO Relay Module Converter


Additional information

Weight N/A
Controller type

T3-TB Tiny Brother 11UI, T3-BB Big Brother, T3-LB Little Brother, T3-TB Tiny Brother 8UI

Signal Type

Standard UI, Standard UI Plus 1k pt signal type