T3-OEM Bacnet programmable controller

The T3 -OEM Bacnet programmable controller is a low cost performer with big system features.

Product Highlights:

• Software configure the I/O ranges with the free T3000 software or by writing to the registers
with your own software
• Universal I/O can be configured for nearly any sensor, no jumper settings required
• Well documented register list for easy integration with other systems.
• 8 universal inputs for external temperature sensors, contacts, etc.
• 5 relay outputs, each rated at 12~24vac, 2 amps
• 4 analog outputs, 0-10V @ 100ma.
• Color LCD display with scroll bar.
• Each I/O as well as the RS485 connections have a separate screw terminal
• Clock with infinite life supercap battery backup.
• Supports Modbus RTU and Bacnet protocols simultaneously.

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Using this controllers, building operators can manage typical HVAC systems from an intuitive graphical front end, including coolers, boilers, vavs, and air processors. All systems have graphic layout and system diagrams on the screen. The software is free, so there is no license and no monthly cloud service fee. The system can be built from one controller to a campus environment with multiple buildings and thousands of devices. All communication is carried out using industry standard BACnet and Modbus protocol. With an open source front end, this system can be considered as the most open system in its. Each human controller has Ethernet and RS485 ports. MODBUS and BACnet protocols are supported on these ports. These devices can also work as universal gateways / routers, and data on a network can be transparently routed from one protocol to another through any port

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