AO2DO Analog to Relay Output Converter

Use these modules to convert any unused analog outputs to relay dry contact outputs.

Product Highlights:

  • Converts an AO to DO  dry contact relay output
  • 3 relays per module.
  • Plugs right into the T3 controller series.
  • Use  this when you need more relay outputs and have some spare analog outputs.

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The AO2DO relay module converts the analog outputs of the T3 controller series into a binary dry contact output. The relay contacts are intended for pilot duty only and are rated at 0.5A/125VAC max. The module comes in 3 gang format and mate up directly on the T3 controller terminals, converting 3 AO’s into 3 dry contacts. No external wiring or jumpers are required, just position the relay module on the AO terminals and tighten the T3 output screws down.

The 3 relay module can be ganged up into longer strips to match the IO of your application to the IO of the T3 controller.

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