Dual Float Switch

The float switch is a device used to sense the level of water within a tank,and it can actuate a pump,an indicator, an alarm, or other device.

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  • Good price & high quality
  • Contains no mercury
  • Flipped over avaliable

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$25.00 - $35.00

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The dual float switch can be used with hydroponics, saltwater tank, freshwater tank, gardening, aquariums for power head control, fish tanks, filtration, heating, or whatever your project may be.

Note:Right now we just have a few standard models on the site so you can see the rough pricing. For custom units you can send on a description or better yet, a sketch and we’ll quote it out right away. Customizing is not expensive but we may ask for a minimum quantity.



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Weight 0.20 kg
dual float switch length

250mm/ 9.8in, 500mm/ 19.7in, 600mm/ 23.6in