Water and Liquid Level Transmitter

This water and liquid level transmitter measures fluid level in tanks and wells and sends out a 0-10V signal proportional to the liquid depth. Stainless steel construction makes this sensor compatible with most any fluid.

The sensor is temperature compensated and operates accurately over all ambient temperatures.

The sensor head has a baffle to prevent debris buildup making it suitable where there is sludge and other solids mixed with the liquid. The polyurethane cable ensures long-term durability, while the stainless steel body protects against rust.  Several models are available for tank depths from one to ten meters.

Product Highlights:

  • Water level transmitter with 0-10V output
  • Stainless Steel Construction, can be used for sensing liquid level in practically any fluid
  • Full scale range of 1 to 10 meters in 1m increments.
  • Digital powered sensor with temperature compensation.
  • Non clogging design compatible with dirty fluids and sludge.
  • Durable polyurethane cable
  • Stainless steel construction with laser welded joints will not leak or corrode

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This water and liquid level transmitter measures the fluid level in tanks and wells. The sensor features a  rugged stainless steel housing mounted on the end of a long cable. The transmitter produces a 0-10V signal according to the liquid level. The stainless steel body and PU cable are compatible with most any fluid.

The sensor compensates for temperature to provide stable, accurate readings regardless of the ambient conditions.

The sensor body has a baffle at the sensing end with several ports to resist debris buildup and makes the sensor suitable for rugged applications where there is sludge and other solids mixed in with the liquid.

  • Position the sensor inside and at the bottom of the tank with the cable exiting the tank through a cable gland.
  • The durable polyurethane cable guarantees long-term durability, making it suitable for harsh conditions. Additionally, the stainless steel laser welded body provides long term protection from rust and leaks.
  • Different sensing ranges are available from one to ten meters.
  • Output Signal: 0-10V is the standard stocked item.
  • 4-20ma option is available on request.

Accuracy:0.5% full scale

Power Supply:12~36VDC

Temperature Range: -20~60℃

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10000mm, 1000mm, 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, 5000mm, 6000mm, 7000mm, 8000mm, 9000mm

Output type

0~10V, 4~20mA