Tank Level Sensor

Product Highlights:

* Widely used in fuel, water, kerosene and chemical tanks
* OEM quality, widely used on automotive and marine OEMs
* Reed switch, steady output signal
* Simple and stronge structure , Advanced corrosion resistance
* Long using life, anti-vibration,anti-explosion
* High quality fuel level senser
* Economical level sensing solution, long service lifespan.
* Without limitation of environment,length can be customized
* Damping cover is optional, and assembled with C-ring, easy for installation

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Tank Sensors for both fuel and water provides highly accurate level measurement for a wide variety of applications, including those in severe environments.Measurement is done using “hall effect” with reed switches positioned inside the level tube.A float with built-in magnets then triggers the reed relays generating a potential – free resistance with an ohm value that increases or decreases. The float is the only moving part of the sensors, thereby minimising potential mechanical failures. All sensors are fully insulated to protect against voltage inside the tank. The level sensors are made of 316 stainless steel and can be mounted in almost any tank shape either by standard 5-hole configuration.

Wiring Diagram


Resistance versus Position


We can do custom lengths, if you don’t see, please send email to us,What do you need online.