Non-contact liquid level sensor

Non-contact fluid level sensor detects fluids within non metallic containers from outside the container without direct contact to the fluids. Idealy suited for lead acid batteries, fuel tanks, water storage tanks and any application where contact with the fluid or penetrations in the tank are not allowed.

Product Highlights:

  • All electronic based circuit, no mechanical parts to fail over time.
  • No tank penetration required, can sense though non metallic containers.
  • Immune from interference by EMI, nearby motors or electronics.
  • Wide power supply tolerant, from 5V to 24VDC.

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The intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor uses the inductive capacitance of water to detect the presence of liquid.When there is no liquid close to the sensor, the sensor has a certain static capacitance to the ground due to the presence of distributed capacitance on the sensor. When the liquid level is slow When the sensor is slowly raised, the parasitic´╝îcapacitance of the liquid will be coupled to the static capacitance of the sensor, making the capacitance value of the sensor larger. The changed capacitance signal is then input to the control IC for signal conversion, and the changedcapacitance is converted into a circuit signal When the amount of change exceeds a certain threshold, it is judged that the liquid level has reached the sensing point..



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