PM-5E Temperature Controller

This full-featured CPU based thermostat with clock is designed for small cooling and heating air handling systems in residential and commercial facilities.The unit provides features which eclipse standard mechanical thermostats at a price that fits conventional HVAC projects.

Product Highlights:

  • Tight control of 0.5 ℃ provides comfortable indoor environment
  • High impact plastic enclosure provides durability in commercial environments
  • Customizable sequence of operation table (FCU with modulating or on/off valve, single or 3-speed fan, pressure independent VAV, stage sequencer, etc.)

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The PM-5E is very similar to the Tstat5 and Tstat6 series thermostats but note that there is no internal temperature sensor inside the PM-5E, you will need to connect an external sensor such as a temperature, humidity, or pressure sensor for feedback.There are two power supply, while they are cannot be connected at the same time. The low power terminals can take anything from 15 to 24V AC/DC, the high power terminals can take 110 to 240 VAC.

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