Tstat9 Bacnet Thermostat

Product Highlights:

  • Modbus TCP/IP protocols over WIFI.
  • Well documented register list for easy integration with other systems.
  • 5 relay outputs, each rated at 100~220V, 5 amps.
  • Color LCD display
  • Easily configure the thermostat for practically any application.
  • Clock with infinite life supercap battery backup.
  • Uses 32 bit Arm CPU with 12 bit analog readings.
  • Fits in regular 3in*3in*1.4in(88mm*88mm*35mm) electrical box
  • AI:10K thermistor, AO: 0-10VDC

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This full-featured thermostat is designed for line voltage cooling and heating systems in residential and commercial buildings.The thermostat can be configured for or use with air handlers,fan coils,VAV,modulating valves and practically any HVAC application.All models support Bacnet and Modbus protocol over the Wifi IP connection which allows easy integration with the big name control systems like Niagara, Siemens,Honeywell.Johnson Controls ,Delta,Reliable and Kreuter to name a few. We also provide our free and easy to use T3000 front end which can provide a full system level solution for large buildings, hotels and commercial buildings.There are five 220V, 5A rated relays outputs.These outputs can be configured using the free software.There are more than 300 settings with many options for each of the settings so its possible to configure these devices for most any application. Once the unit is configured, save the config file for copying to other controllers and backing up project settings. Options are available for occupancy sensor, wifi, CO2 and humidity/enthalpy.

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